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Glittered strips

Glittered aluminum strips for tiles and floorings

Restructuring a home or modernizing a living space allows us to unleash our wildest imagination. Often it is precisely the details that make the difference, creating and contributing to an overall harmony of the environment. For this purpose, the decorative aluminum strips are a useful tool: apparently simple elements with great creative potential, capable of making any space more sophisticated and refined.

Also thanks to the versatility of the aluminum, it can create thousand styles, to practically adapt into any environment and not just residential. Minuta Profili has focused precisely on the specific advantages of aluminum to create a varied and multifunctional collection. There are many finishes and colors available, suitable for enhancing contemporary environments as well as more classic ones.

Thanks to the use of aluminum strips, bathrooms or kitchens can become modern and design spaces. They are perfect for decorating ceramic, mosaic and natural stone coverings and available in four colors (silver, smoke, sand and purple). If you want to pep up a monochromatic environment by adding a touch of light and color, they are clearly the best and old choice to make.

Adaptability is another main advantage of these glittery strips, which can be installed on the edge of any tile, being offered in a wide range of sizes and thicknesses, ranging from the thinnest and most indiscreet, to the largest and most determined.

They are also particularly useful for rooms and spaces subject to humidity, thanks to their durability and resistance to corrosion. The anodizing process ensures the highest quality standards, for a product capable of combining aesthetics and functionality.

There is no risk that the color may fade over time: the glittery strips are made with resins, neutral and colored bi-components that guarantee their inalterability over time. The resin also offers optimal protection from scratches and bumps.

Browse our collection to get inspired. With our glittery decorative strips it's easier than ever to breathe new life back into your home!

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