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Profiles For Balcony

Aluminum profiles and drips for balconies and terraces

Those who care about having a comfortable, welcoming home in line with interior design trends know well that outdoor spaces require even more care than indoor spaces.

In the summer, family life moves to the terrace and balcony, practically becoming open-air rooms, where you can host dinners with relatives and friends or where to sunbathe during the day. However, these spaces are subject to bad weather, especially in winter, which can cause structural as well as aesthetic problems.

The Minuta Profili production is characterized by attention to detail, even with regard to outdoor spaces. The drips for balconies and terraces are essential and in addition to their aesthetic function, guarantee a high level of protection.

We are talking about particularly innovative and effective solutions, which have been developed to offer adequate protection from rainwater and humidity, without neglecting an aesthetic, unmistakable Made in Italy style and appeal. Our systems are tailored to the specific needs of the customer, combining high efficiency and beauty.

The profiles for balconies and terraces have been designed to solve any problems related to the laying of terrace and balcony flooring, such as the outflow of rainwater, the occurrence of infiltrations and the most effective protection and finishing of the external edges of the tiles.

They are practical and easy to install, so that the Minuta Profili's drips for terraces can effectively replace alternatives in marble and ceramic, allowing water to drain from the outer edge of the balcony. These are simple systems to lay and the fittings and joints available have been designed to integrate perfectly with the rest of the profile.

For this purpose aluminum is the most suitable material, being it resistant to humidity (and therefore to atmospheric agents), anti-corrosion and extremely durable. Guaranteed an excellence, beautiful and efficient result at the same time.

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