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Aluminum step protection profile

Edge protectors for stoneware steps and ceramic stairs

Safety plays a major role in finalizing home interiors. A lived-in space must ensure maximum habitability and stairs often play an important role in safety.

Stairs must meet the criteria of comfort, safety and need to be easy to use, both in residential and public/commercial contexts, at best without compromising on aesthetics. The stairs, in fact, must harmonize with the style of a home, bringing elegance and dynamism. Attention to detail can elevate them from a simple functional architectural element to a real piece of furniture.

Our corner protectors for stairs and steps combine comfort and aesthetics, without disturbing the look of the surfaces. Integrating Minuta Profili profiles into a project can prove to be a winning strategy, not only to make a space safer, but also to add a real distinctive trait.

In the design and construction phase, Minuta Profili takes into account all the EEC safety standards in terms of accident prevention in public spaces in order to create a product certified to last. The stair and step profiles have anti-slip and non-slip coatings that protect or repair the edges and the corner between the riser and the platform.

Our stair edge protection profiles combine style and taste with the pragmatic needs required by the room and furnishing. Minuta Profili solutions offer safety, thanks to an anti-slip coating that makes the space safer by preventing damage to the tile coverings.

Aluminum is the ideal material to guarantee comfort, safety and protection from chemical and physical agents. It requires no maintenance, it's easy to clean and can be ultimately shaped in a variety of finishes and colors to suit any type of ambiance. Thanks to its mounting adhesive, installation is very simple.

If your goal is to protect the edges from wear and tear, enhancing their aesthetics and avoiding the risk of dented edges, which would potentially be also dangerous, find the most suitable solution for your project,by browsing our catalog.

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