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Aluminium baseboards for finishings

Aluminium baseboards for finishings

Are you attracted by metal finishes in modern interior designs? If you think that aluminum skirting boards are only installed and pretty in commercial spaces, Minuta Profili's solutions will blow your mind! There is something sophisticated and timeless about our aluminum baseboards. Not only are they distinguished by their elegant style, but their functionality has real practical advantages.

Why choose an aluminium baseboard from Minuta Profili?

A simple, minimal and elegant aesthetic is the strong point of our aluminum baseboards, which help define and enhance the style of your Modern spaces are ideal settings for aluminum baseboards, especially when you want a lean style with clean lines. Our aluminum baseboard is ideal for indoor and outdoor spaces and has no application limits. Its strength is in fact in its versatility, while still ensuring an elegant finish capable of transitioning coating from wall to floor with an unexpected touch of style.

Despite its sobriety, the aluminum baseboard does impact creativity. A baseboard, especially when combined with elements such as wood, can help give an industrial feel and finish. You can pair it with wood, brick and stone, as aluminum is a neutral finishing material, capable of adding a smooth metallic sheen without contrasting with the other textures and colors in the room. Those who love practicality will choose our aluminum baseboards, resistant, easy to clean and extremely simple to install.

A skirting board profile represents the perfect combination of aesthetics and functionality. They have strong resistance to chemical and environmental agents, which guarantees a great performance makes them ideal in spaces subjected to constant cleaning or exposed to humidity. Our catalog has a wide range of choice, due to the high workability and different shapes and thicknesses. Go ahead and browse through the models in our catalog to get a clearer idea of ​​the potential offered by an aluminum Minuta Profili baseboard and find the perfect one for your project.

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