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PVC Balcony Profiles

PVC perimeter profiles and drip edges for balconies

PVC drip edges, also known as perimeter profiles or water breakers, are an effective solution for protecting outdoor environments, such as balconies and terraces, from water infiltration and extending their lifespan over time. Made of durable and resistant PVC, these perimeter profiles prevent rainwater from accumulating on the edges of balconies and terraces, preventing it from penetrating inside the building and preventing any structural damage. Thanks to their flexibility, PVC drip edges can easily adapt to any type of surface and can be easily shaped to follow the perimeter of balconies or terraces.

PVC perimeter profiles for balconies and terraces have greater corrosion resistance than other materials such as iron, steel, or aluminum, making them particularly suitable for coastal areas or areas with high humidity. Additionally, PVC water breakers are also very easy to clean and maintain, as PVC is a material that does not require special care and maintenance over time, and is also environmentally friendly and sustainable, as it can be recycled and reused, reducing environmental impact.

PVC water breakers for balconies are very easy to install, thanks to their lightweight and compact dimensions, and represent a convenient solution for protecting balconies and terraces. Available in multiple colors and finishes, PVC drip profiles integrate perfectly with the aesthetics of the building and can be combined with any type of external coating. The PVC drip edges offered by Minuta Profili, therefore, represent an effective and convenient solution for protecting outdoor environments from rainwater and subsequent deterioration over time. Discover our catalog and buy online.
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