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Profiles for LEDs

Aluminum profiles for LEDs and LED strips

Minuta Profili's aluminum profiles for LEDs are an elegant and modern solution to enhance bathroom claddings and tiles. These profiles are designed to both aesthetically and functionally accommodate led strips. Their use requires a rather simple installation, to obtain a clean, high quality and most importantly durable result. In fact, aluminum is not only an easy to maintain and extremely hygienic material, but has a high thermal conductivity, which allows the heat produced by the LED to be dissipated and therefore increasing its duration and efficiency. It resists atmospheric agents such as sun and rain and is also used for the construction of balconies and terraces drips.

LED angular aluminum profiles

Versatility is another keyword of LED aluminum profiles. These profiles are a valid alternative to the classic profiles for cladding and tiles and can be installed in bathrooms for example where direct light is needed, by positioning them on the ceiling, under a wall unit, shelf or on any flat surface. In the case of corner angled installation, you can opt for the classic corner profiles or for corner led aluminum profiles. Another alternative is to use aluminum profiles for recessed LEDs, ideal for obtaining an almost retractable, aesthetically clean and space saving solution.

Aluminium profiles for LED strips

Creating additional lighting in the bathroom is extremely simple thanks to the aluminum profiles for LED strips. As already mentioned, the use of LED strip profiles has an undeniable functional advantage: that of dissipating heat by optimizing the light source. But it also has a protective function: aluminum protects the LED from the compromising action of external agents, especially water, which can represent a higher risk in the bathroom. Last but not least corner profiles for LEDs have also a purely aesthetic advantage: LED strip profiles bring a touch of design, modernity, a neat and precise effect and depending on the chosen coverage a different light output as well.

LED and Strip LED profiles

The angular profile for LEDS is ideal for directing the light at 45 degree angle. The corner profiles for LED strips are also suitable for highlighting corners between wall and ceiling with direct light, or for more homogeneous lighting over the entire surface of the coverings and tiles. Using corner profiles for LEDs in the bathroom can create strategic light points, bridging the shadows and at the same time creating beautiful contrasts where the atmosphere tends to be flat. Also the corner profiles for led strips are available in a variety of sizes and models.

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