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Aluminium profiles for tiles

Aluminium profiles for tiles and coverings

Modernizing and enhancing tiles and wall tiles doesn't have to be a big job. The choice of the finishes, mostly, can have a great impact on the final result. In fact, there are elements, convenient and practical to install, which allow you to enhance any room without great expense and effort. We are talking about aluminum profiles for tiles and coverings, of which Minuta Profili offers a vast catalog.

The aluminum profiles allow a fine covering to be framed as if it were a painting, emphasizing the quality of the materials and the great design value. Whether it is a classic style, or a more contemporary one, the application of a profile with a great aesthetic impact is a key factor that cannot be missed.

Beauty, mechanical quality and excellent money value unite the entire Minuta Profili production, designed for those who want to create state-of-the-art finishes. Depending on the type of cladding, it is possible to choose the tile profiles that best match the characteristics of the flooring.

The aluminum profiles for tiles and coverings not only visually separate the rooms, but also soften the edges of steps and corners, whilst performing a protective function for the tiles positioned with sharp corners, so as to not risk any chipping. Finally, the aesthetic and decorative features go hand in hand with functional importance. In the case of floors made with different types of tiles, the profiles are used to minimize differences and unevenness in the case of different tiles thicknesses.

The online catalog of Minuta Profili presents numerous types of aluminum profiles for tiles and coverings. But there is no shortage of other solutions designed to express the personality of any type of room: from glittered strips to decorative ones, from profiles for stairs and steps to skirting boards to profiles for balconies.

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