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Decorative Aluminum Strips

Decorative strips for tiles and cladding

Current furnishing trends seem to enhance more and more the use of tiles in various domestic contexts and that being said, to stand out one must know how to emphasize its charm to the maximum.

This is where decorative tile strips come into play and are used as a modern alternative to classic tile strips. Minuta Profili aluminum slats are the ideal solution to create captivating chromatic effects on ceramic, marble and mosaic coverings, to create horizontal and vertical lines, on walls or floors.

The versatility of aluminum means that this product can be shaped in different sizes and finishes, including colored finishes, glittered effects, anodized or painted,  wenge or bronze. Our catalog offers a wide choice of decorative strips and joints for tiles, models suitable for infinite aesthetic combinations and multiple furnishing styles, from classic to modern.

The desired effect also varies according to the thickness of the decorative strip. The thinner ones are perfect for emphasizing the lines of a wall without being intrusive, while the thicker ones give a more flashy touch.

The aluminum strips adapt to any finish: from the kitchen to the bathroom, and also commercial and professional spaces. The particular squared section integrates perfectly with the new rectified stoneware formats and the fixed depth of 8 mm makes it versatile and adaptable to any tile thickness greater than 7 mm.

They are easy to install and particularly suitable for those who want to enhance fine finishes with a state of the art craftsmanship. It is the simplest way to give a touch of design to the bathroom, whether they are discrete or visible at sight.

With Minuta Profili decorative aluminum strips you can thus give a very refined look to any ambiance, minimal but detail oriented, and enrich any type of covering. Start scrolling through the finishes and colors of our catalog and leave room for creativity.

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