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Profiles for floorings and walls

Aluminium and steel profiles for floorings and walls

Beautiful finish and maximum functionality. These are the dominant characteristics of the floors and walls profiles designed by Minuta Profili. Made of aluminum and steel, they are designed to create a solution to various problems caused by laying the floor. Often during renovations, when it is decided to replace only a part of the floor, it is necessary to fill the gap between the old and the new flooring. The uneven floor profiles serve exactly this purpose. But nonetheless they allow you to connect surfaces of the same height (connection profiles for floors) with the same or different materials or enhance the environment simply by giving it an aesthetic touch.

When you decide to renovate or modernize spaces, often we run the risk of leaving out some details that may seem negligible at first, but can if thought through completely transform a room, giving it a refined and original style. The transition from an anonymous environment to one full of individuality lies precisely in the personal touch and details that one chooses to make. Our aluminum and steel profiles for tiles are available in a wide range of finishes (wood effect finish, sand or glitter effect finish), so that they can adapt to different types of surfaces: ceramic, marble, wood, vinyl or others. Easy to install, versatile and easy to maintain.

The choice of aluminum and steel as primarily material, is not accidental: these materials give the profiles exceptional technical characteristics. Aluminum is a sturdy, corrosion-resistant and long-lasting material. It is a strong material, capable of resisting and remaining unchanged over time, thanks to the formation of a very thin layer of oxide that prevents oxygen from corroding the underlying metal. Also steel: corrosion resistant, non-deformable, extremely durable and hygienic.

The wide variety of profiles that characterize the Minuta Profili catalog is a great advantage and benefit. From workplaces to living rooms, from bathrooms to terraces, from stairs to external or internal corners, these elements always represent a tailor-made solution, capable of adapting and further enhancing the stylistic choices of customers.

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