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Aluminium profiles for floorings

Aluminum profiles and joint covers for floorings

Designing or renovating a home means not only considering the technical aspects, but also recreating spaces that are capable of capturing emotions. Paying attention to detail oriented aesthetic choices is the easiest way to make a home welcoming and comfortable. This is the highest ambition of interior designers, but also of homeowners who care about the harmony of their rooms.

Aluminum profiles for floors may seem like an insignificant detail at first, yet they have many advantages, both functional and decorative. First of all, they can completely transform a room, giving it a refined and sophisticated appeal. That is why, Minuta Profili profiles meet the needs of those who want to combine pragmatism with the unmistakable Made in Italy style.

Furthermore, aluminum profiles for floors are indispensable in renovations, especially in those that are only partly removed and renovated: these profiles are able to connect different coverings to each other, by type and thickness. But they also represent a valid solution for leveling floors of different heights or containing the natural expansion of parquet.

Our aluminum floor profiles meet the different design needs, but also the most diverse tastes. There are numerous solutions to connect and protect floors, for practicality or simply to give a touch of light or color to a room that needs renovating. All giving your own personal touch, simple but effective.

It is easy to immediately give a more refined and contemporary look, thanks to the many finishes available in our catalog. We offer modern aluminum profiles, which allow a state-of-the-art installation in any home.

To finish a professional flooring project, we have the most sought after solutions: profiles for cladding, decorative strips, profiles for stairs and steps, skirting boards, profiles for balconies and profiles for LEDs.

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