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Steel profiles for floors

Stainless steel profiles for floors

Aesthetic and technical qualities go hand in hand in the design of Minuta Profili steel profiles for floors. To give a professional touch to the installation of floors and walls, these finishing elements are indispensable. In your home, as well as in commercial spaces, profiles always represent a tailor-made solution, capable of adapting and further enhancing stylistic choices. The right profile can evaluate a surface, giving life to a comfortable room, and giving it a clean and refined glance. It is precisely the details that make the difference, in creating a pleasant atmosphere, with a refined design.

Minuta Profili steel profiles for floors are of the best quality, stand out for its aesthetics and are easy to install. Our production is divided into a wide range of profiles designed for the most diverse needs, with multiple solutions suitable for joining different floors, bridging unevenness or finishing skirting boards.

A collection with a big variety of shapes, sections and finishes (glossy and satin), allowing a perfect installation even in rooms subject to high mechanical stress. If you want to give a modern touch or create a light point with minimal effort, steel floor profiles are the best solution.

Anyone looking for a durable and resistant product will necessarily have to consider steel. A material with great technical advantages, able to guarantee the high quality standards respected by Minuta Profili. Minuta Profili floor steel profiles do not rust or deform, are resistant to corrosion, humidity and are extremely easy to clean. The shockproof and scratch-resistant coating is also a guarantee of durability.

To finish a room with the most attention to detail, Minuta Profili offers different options, from the most contemporary to the most creative ones, as in the case of glittery and colored profiles, designed for those who are not satisfied with an ordinary style. Each space has its own profile, and in the Minuta Profili collection you will find the most suitable one for your idea.

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