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Expansion joints for floors

Expansion joints for interior and exterior floors

Floors can be subject to constant thermal expansion and compression. Over time, these endangers fracturing or lifting of the coatings and floorings. That is why, it is essential to provide, as early as the installation phase, an adequate network of joints and floor profiles, capable of absorbing any expansion and thus decisively improving the quality and duration of the materials laid.

On a practical level, expansion joints for floors are often used to divide extensive tiling into smaller areas, with the goal of limiting the stress related to it. In the Minuta Profili catalog these types of joints are numerous and ideal for solving any problem in terms of expansion and / or contraction of internal and external flooring subject to thermal excursion and frequent pedestrian passages.

By choosing the right type of joint and taking into account the loads and stresses to which the coatings will be subjected, the life of your investment will be significantly extended. The variety of materials and finishes also allows you to take into consideration even the smallest aesthetic details.

Depending on the shape and composition, expansion joints for floors can have shockproof properties and absorb compressive and expansion stresses. Innovation goes hand in hand with beauty, to ensure a product is capable of offering maximum performance, while still being pleasant in any environment.

The expansion joints are made with plastic materials resistant to alkaline and acid solutions and guarantee a good technical performance, preferable in case of floorings with standard and constant stresses. The finishes are developed with every attention to detail, to elevate the style of any space, be it commercial, professional or residential.

With the expansion joints of Minuta Profili you can thus give a very distinctive, minimal but with attention to detail look to any environment, that can enrich any type of coating while preserving it from stress.

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