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Decorative rounded angled profiles

Aluminium decorative rounded profiles

Enhancing a ceramic, mosaic or natural stone cladding or tiling without disrupting its beauty is one of the goals of designers, architects and owners who are passionate about interior design. There is a practical and easy to install element that will allow you to renew your environment without great expense and effort.
The decorative rounded aluminum profiles designed and manufactured by Minuta Profili offer modern solutions, ideal for a state-of-the-art installation in any environment. Depending on the architectural spaces where they are applied and the specific needs of use, they can be characterized by different finishes.
They are the most suitable solution not only for those who want to give life to a contemporary environment with a sophisticated appeal, but also for those who want to give a contemporary finish to a classic space. Aluminum blends perfectly with any type of material and can elevate any type of room and ambiance. A small visible detail such as a decorative rounded profile can change the face of a wall covering, especially considering the variety offered by the Minuta Profili collections.
But rounded aluminum profiles do not only affect the aesthetic aspect. These elements, in addition to facilitating installation, strengthen the edge of the tiles, avoiding the risk of chipping and breakage. This is an addition required in public environments by European regulations regarding the safety of public environments. Nonetheless they also represent an element of value in private and residential contexts. In addition to the round finish, in our catalog you will also find square aluminum profiles.
The choice of aluminum is not accidental. This material is light and malleable, but also resistant to corrosion, ecological, recyclable and of unparalleled durability.
Our profiles are also distinguished by extremely high quality standards: they are shock-, scratch proof and anti-corrosion, therefore perfect for installation in damp environments such as bathrooms and kitchens. In addition, they are particularly easy to install and suitable for those who want to emphasize fine finishes with state-of-the-art craftsmanship.
Choose from the many Minuta Profili solutions, if you want to furnish your home and your outdoor spaces without sacrificing functionality.

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