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Aluminium Profiles

Aluminium profiles for floorings and finishings

Designing an environment capable of generating positive emotions means making precise aesthetic choices that make it welcoming, attention-detailed and comfortable. This is the highest ambition of interior designers, but also of homeowners who care about the harmony of their home environments.

In renovating or modernizing rooms and spaces, there is a risk of forgetting some details that may seem minor, but can instead completely transform an ambiance, by giving it a refined and original style. The transition from an anonymous environment to one full of individuality lies precisely in the personal touch that can be made with the finishing touches.

Minuta Profili has always had an eye for the latest design trends and has created a complete range of aluminum profiles for floors and walls, offering an effective solution to all customer needs. Thanks to the quality of the materials used and fine craftsmanship, the profiles can give elegance and refinement to any type of furniture, elevating the general appearance of the space.

They are indispensable elements from an aesthetic but also from a functional point of view, as they are installed to connect floors of different types, compensate for different thickness between floors, or to cover wires and cables in between floor and wall. For example, a parquet tends to expand over time and therefore the floor profiles are necessary in order to hide the initial dilatation points. Their application must be accurately calculated and defined,by taking into account angles and conjunctions.

In addition to the aesthetic value and the characteristics in terms of yield, among the distinctive features of the profiles for floors and walls produced by Minuta Profili, the great versatility stands out. Our collections include styles that can adapt to any environment.

From workplaces to living rooms, from bathrooms to terraces, from stairs to external or internal corners, these profiles always have a tailor-made solution, capable of adapting and further enhancing the stylistic choices of customers.

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