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Decorative square profiles

Aluminium decorative square profiles

The tile is one of the most important decorative elements of the latest interior furnishing trends, that fits well to the most varied environment, rooms and ambiances and is an element to be enhanced to be able to enjoy its multifaceted charm to the maximum.

This is where aluminum profiles come in, used as a modern alternative to classic tile strips. Minuta Profili aluminum profiles are the ideal solution to create captivating chromatic effects on ceramic, marble and mosaic floorings and to create horizontal and vertical lines, on walls or floors.

No installation is complete without the use of square aluminum profiles for tiles. Used in the external corners of the tiles, they reinforce the edge, and end the finishing of wall coverings, for platforms, steps, bathtubs, etc.

The rounded finish avoids chipping and breakage, while ensuring an impeccable and well-finished work of considerable aesthetic value. Square aluminum profiles are required in public environments by European regulations for the safety of public environments, but they are also a welcome addition in private and residential homes.

This product can be shaped in different sizes and finishes, thanks to the versatility of aluminum, anodized, glittered or painted, wenge or bronze. Our catalog offers a wide choice of decorative square profiles suitable for infinite style combinations and multiple furnishing, from classic to modern.

They are easy to install and ideal for those who want to emphasize fine finishes with state-of-the-art craftsmanship. It is the simplest way to give a touch of design to the bathroom, whether they are discrete or visible at a glance.

The square aluminum profiles designed and manufactured by us will give a very refined look to every environment, minimal but detail-oriented, and that can enrich any type of coating by guaranteeing state-of-the-arte craftsmanship.

Functionality and style are the constants of our profiles, designed to adapt to any furnishing need.

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