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Corner Protectors

Decorative edge protector for walls, tiles and finishings

Corner protectors are minimal and convenient solutions that can make the difference when it comes to renovating an environment, be it domestic, industrial or commercial. In Minuta Profili corner profiles, practicality always goes hand in hand with aesthetics, to ensure a product with high quality standards.

Used to protect and cover the most exposed part of claddings and edges, Minuta Profili decorative corner protectors, thanks to their minimal and clean lines, are suitable for application in residential, industrial and commercial contexts.

Available in two different finishes (shiny and satin) and in three different sizes which makes it a highly sought-after corner profile to ensure a state of the art installation even in environments subject to high stress. The sections of the aluminum corner profiles are cared for down to the smallest detail, so that even the surrounding environment reveals the care in the furnishings.

If you want to give a perfect finish to a tiling job, the round corner profiles in our collection can have a big impact on the overall design of your project, without upsetting it or requiring major transformations. They ensure great safety by protecting the tiles from any bumps, as well as cover uneven edges, especially if combined to the step profiles, that protect the edges of the steps.

From the most traditional to the most sophisticated solutions, Minuta Profili's corner bumpers protect the corners of your home from wear and tear, giving it a touch of elegance to any space. Their use is particularly recommended in high-flow environments, such as public offices, healthcare facilities, or wherever there is the risk of damaging the edges of the passage coverings.

The choice of aluminum is by no means accidental. This metal alloy stands out for its strength, resistance to corrosion and durability over time. It is a strong material, capable of remaining unchanged over time, thanks to the formation of a very thin layer of oxide that prevents oxygen from corroding the underlying metal. Our corner wall edge protectors are shock and scratch proof, designed and manufactured to withstand the most different stresses and influences.

Although edge profiles are often downgraded to mere decorative elements, our products show that choosing the right finish can make a difference, especially in terms of functionality.

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